Devlog 25: Revamped The Game Art And Other Mechanics

I spent the last few days revamping existing gameplay mechanics and added in art that I've created for my game. UI was revamped to provide player feed back on all the new implementations.

This is how it looks like right now


This is how it before


I wanted my game to be more light hearted and have a cartoony look. I'm still experimenting with the style so things may be out of place. Like the background.

In addition to graphical changes, many other things were modified such as power ups. I’ll just be covering shields in this article and create separate post for the others.


Shields will now act as a second health bar. Whenever the player grabs a shield power it. The health bar a blue health bar will overlay the players health.

The shield bar will decrement according to how much damage the enemy will do.

If the player takes damage more than the shield can handle. The shield will absorb what It can and subtract the remainder off of the players health.

In this case, the player took 50damage, The shields health is 30 ( the number with blue parenthesis) so 20 was subtracted from the players health

In addition, I've created logos for each power up to give them more character. I wanted to make it seem like each power up belonged to a company and was a piece of equipment the player is obtaining

Here's a work in progress/concept for the shield power up

APA stands for Anti Projectile Association. I figure that if one was living in space, having protection from all forms of projectiles would be a human right. Be it fast moving meteors or alien bullets.



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Vixian Phimmasone

Vixian Phimmasone

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