Devlog 31: Elite Heavy

This week, I worked on adding an additional elite to the game. The ,’Elite’ is inspired by the reoccurring enemy ,’The Tomberry’ from the Final Fantasy Series.

The shield can only be broken by using a charge attack and the only way to charge your weapon is to detach from, Super-Kamio or ,’Super K’ (the little rocket in from of the ship). Making the player more vulnerable.

With the right timing, the charge can be dodged (Will add an indicator of when it will charge in the future)

One elite can be spawned at a time and will have a 10 second cooldown between spawns. Elites are the only way the player can get power ups at the moment.

Ill be adding a enemy type that’ll be passive and has power up drops. It’ll be like the golden snitch from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Quiddich sport. It’ll dodge bullets and if destroyed, reward the player with a powerful powerup.



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Vixian Phimmasone

Vixian Phimmasone

Unity Developer Based out of California