User Inputs and Lists In Unity


esigning and scripting a data base of customers that can be modified through user input in Unity.


A mix of Asymmetric and Symmetric minimalist design for easy user navigation. Cool monochromatic midnight blue for a calming touch to the user’s experience.

Start: Laying out UI Elements for Customer List and New Customer Form

The UI has two sides, The List to display customer information and A Form to input new customers. They’re separated by two panels.

New Customer Form

The New customer panel has five input field and nine text objects in total. Five text objects sit above the input fields, Two for the title, and two act as buttons.

New Customer Form
Input Fields
Interact-able Buttons

Customer List

The Customer List Panel contains three objects; The Scroll view with a Text nested within , A Title ( Customer Text Title), and A list to display all of the customers.

Scripting Customer Class

The Customer class will contain all the customers information. Information such as first name,last name, age, gender, and occupation.

We insure that this script does not inherit from mono behavior so we can use constructors. We lay out all our variables and create a customer constructor.

Scripting Customer Data Base Script

we’ll be using this script to take in user input, store the data, and display it.

Begin by adding the unityEngine.UI header

Add in all out input variables and create two lists. One list to store customer information and the other input functionality. Input functions such as clearing all fields or checking if any fields are blank.

Optional: have our input list populate itself to save time dragging and dropping them individually.

Create a Method that will take user input,initialize it, and add it to our customer list. When done, all input fields will automatically clear.

Lastly, A method to clear all of our input fields.

Tidying up

Customer Data base script is to be attached to our main camera.

Also ensuring that all public input field variables are linked to the appropriate input fields.


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